Marathon Buffy

Here’s an article if you want to make funnier your Buffy marathon. I know it seems impossible, but yes it is ! You can either use those lists to test your memory or to make a drinking game out of it (yeah well, one sip at a time, OK?). There won’t be any big spoiler in this article, but don’t test your luck and just read the list about the season you’re watching.

You can find similar lists for other shows here.


Season 1

  1. Buffy kills a vampire. Or a demon. Or someone. Or something. Anything.
    2. Willow holds a book. Or two. Or three. Be the first to say the exact number of books if you’re not playing alone!
    3. Xander laughs. You won’t stand his jokes anymore.
    4. Giles cleans up his glasses. They’re never clean.
    5. Cordelia screams. That’s at least once an episode.
    6. Angel is seen in close-up. Yes, that includes that part of the episode named after him.
    7. Joyce, Buffy’s mom, reacts like a normal mother and keeps Buffy from doing what she wants to do (save the world, most of the time)
    8. Jenny Calendar says « computer ».
    9. Pr. Flutie laughs.
    10. The Master kills someone. Or something. You know the deal.

Season 2

  1. Buffy kills a vampire. Or a demon. Or someone. Or something. Anything. It won’t change.
    2. Willow talks about doing some magical things. She hopes to be a witch.
    3. Xander flirt with someone, or kiss someone.
    4. Giles cleans up his glasses. They’re never clean during the entire show.
    5. Cordelia says something narcissistic or egoist. Well, that’s like each time she opens her mouth.
    6. Angel has his eyes closed on screen. Yep, that includes the final episode of the season.
    7. Snyder is keeping Buffy to do whatever she wants to do (AKA save the world).
    8. Jenny Calendar is flirting with Giles.
    9. Joyce is defending Buffy.
    10. Spike is mad at someone or something.

Season 3

  1. Buffy kills something, anything.
    2. Willow is speaking about Oz.
    3. Alex is speaking about Willow.
    4. Giles is still cleaning his glasses.
    5. Cordelia is making fun of someone, in front of him/her. Yep, this is everytime she opens her mouth again.
    6. You can see Angel from head to feet. That includes that last episode…
    7. Snyder is still keeping Buffy from doing whatever she wants.
    8. Joyce is talking about Buffy’s « job » (being a Slayer).
    9. Faith is wearing something sexy.
    10. Oz doesn’t speak for at least a minute.

Season 4

  1. Buffy still killing stuff.
    2. Willow uses magic.
    3. Xander is talking about his work.
    4. Giles is still trying to clean his glasses.
    5. Spike is mad at someone (or at himself).
    6. « Chip » is said by someone.
    7. Anya is saying something that embarassed someone (or everyone).
    8. Someone speaks about « Dingoes ate my baby », Oz’s group.
    9. Tara stutters.
    10. A gun is seen on screen.

Season 5

  1. Buffy slays and kills.
    2. Willow is still using magic.
    3. Xander is talking about Dawn.
    4. Giles is cleaning his glasses again.
    5. Spike talks about Buffy.
    6. Anya tries to be funny.
    7. Dawn is crying.
    8. Tara is speaking with/to someone else than Willow or Dawn.
    9. Gloria is mad.
    10. Someone says « key ».

Season 6

  1. Buffy slays and kills and ends lives.
    2. Willow’s using magic.
    3. Xander talks about his wedding.
    4. Giles still has unclean glasses.
    5. Spike talks to Dawn.
    6. Anya has a new haircut.
    7. Dawn’s in danger (must be Tuesday).
    8. Tara speaks to someone who is neither Willow nor Dawn.
    9. Andrew, Jonathan and Warren are making a misogynic joke
    10. Someone says “dead”.

Season 7

  1. Buffy slays and kills (what a surprise!)
    2. Willow says she doesn’t want to use magic (it’s about time)
    3. Xander is talking about Anya.
    4. Giles cleans his glasses.
    5. Spike shows his fangs.
    6. Anya is talking about Xander.
    7. Someone makes fun of Andrew.
    8. A new Potential is seen on screen.
    9. The First Evil changes its appearance.
    10. Dawn is holding a weapon.

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